We strive to build and work in harmony with nature to uplift communities in need.

Poor and marginalized communities are on the front lines of climate change. They are at risk from melting glaciers in Tajikistan, salt water intrusion in Bangladesh and prolonged drought in Kenya where food security and famine hang in the balance.
Our solutions to environmental problems link natural resource management and alternative energy with community development. For decades we have been active in programs that focus on sustainable solution to environmental and social challenges, resilience to climate change and natural disasters, conservation of natural resources, and disaster relief.
The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) responded immediately with assistance to the people of Pakistan who were devastated by the floods in summer 2010, the worst in that country's history. AKDN channels expertise to save lives and provide relief, recovery and rehabilitation for hundreds of thousands of affected people. Its rehabilitation and long-term development work continues.

Azhar Park: Cairo, Egypt
The capital city of Egypt was drowning in a mass of high-rises and over population with only one square foot of green space for each of its 17 million citizens. The recommended amount is 65 square feet per person. After 20 years of planning and construction, the 500-year-old trash dump in the heart of the historic district was transformed into a 74-acre park. It is known as the “green lung of Cairo” and is the second most visited site in Cairo after the pyramids. The project created jobs for the poor residents of the adjacent neighborhood Darb al-Ahmar, cleaned the soil and air in the area, and now provides a place for families and friends to exercise and spend time together.
Azhar Park is more than a park; it is a catalyst for social, economic and cultural renewal and future improvements to the urban fabric of a historic district in Cairo. What started as one project grew into three – construction of the park, restoration of the Ayyubid Wall and community redevelopment of Darb al-Ahmar neighborhood, all of which are tightly interconnected for improving the quality of life.
Learn more about the park here. Watch the PBS video “A Garden in Cairo” narrated by Brad Pitt or listen to a podcast about the project.

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