The Foundation extends a helping hand to communities and individuals so they may live with dignity and hope. Your support makes a tremendous impact on saving lives, educating children and helping families to lift themselves out of poverty. Take a glimpse at our projects to see how your support makes a difference.

  • Growing Entrepreneurship in Mali

    Bintou Toulema, Mali

    Bintou Toulema lives with her family in a small village in Mali where her 15-year-old son attends school. Bintou's sister and niece also depend on her. Here at the Sahara Desert’s southern edge, nearly 9 out of 10 people live below the poverty line. Unpredictable rainfall, water shortages and limited government support lead to poor harvests.

  • Reducing the Risk of Disaster

    Mohammad Hassan, Afghanistan

    Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) is a project of the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. (AKF USA) and Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) funded by the United Sates Agency for International Development, Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA). It is currently taking place in the Badakhshan and Baghlan provinces in northern Afghanistan. The project enables local communities and authorities to prepare for, respond to and recover from shocks that are caused by natural disasters.

  • Swafiya Said knew that the system of education in the Muslim community of Mombasa was not good enough. The traditional preschools emphasized rote learning and provided few practical and enjoyable learning opportunities to children. As a teacher, Swafiya knew the there could be a better way, so she developed a new teaching model, which integrated child-centered methods in pre-school subjects with a solid grounding in cultural education.

  • Breaking Barriers to Education

    Shakeeba, Afghanistan

    Shakeeba, an eight-year old second grader, lives in Shina Masjeed village in Baghlan, Afghanistan. Until community-based education classes started in 2007, none of the children in her village had schooling. The closest government school was four hours away from their village. While some boys went to the village mosque to study religious subjects, there were no classes in basic subjects like reading and math.

  • Girls Excel in Science & Math

    Zahura Khamis, Zanzibar

    Zuhura Khamis, a 16-year old student of Micheweni Secondary School in Pemba, has defied the odds by being the first girl to win a district-level Science and Math competition. She was also the only girl representing the island at the national level competition.

  • Pupil Delivers Justice

    Aden Noor, Kenya

    Aden Noor Adow is 11 years old and comes from a pastoralist (nomadic) community in Abakorey in Wajir South Province in Kenya. Boys of his age typically help look after livestock and never go to secular school. But a mobile school has provided Adow with an education. Today Adow can name most of the objects within his environment, write his name and the alphabet, and do basic addition and subtraction.

  • “I could not see. Not even objects that were very close to me,” recalls Khadija. At the age of five-years-old, Khadija Kali Mati was rendered blind. Khadija lived with her grandmother in Zanzibar, helping her fetch firewood and work in the kitchen. Khadija’s sudden visual impairment affected everyone.

  • Micro-foresty for a better future

    Ms. Chidzidzingo, Kenya

    Ms. Chidzidzingo is a farmer in a drought-prone village along the coast of Kenya. Toiling the parched land is tiring and unprofitable, creating a scarcity of food and resources.