A few of over 200 current projects from the Aga Khan Foundation.


    The Foundation and its sister Aga Khan Development Network agencies have been experimenting with, and implementing, innovative solutions to development challenges for over 40 years. Our overriding goal is to assist in the struggle against hunger, disease, illiteracy, ignorance and social exclusion. Central to these efforts are community-based development approaches in which local organizations identify, prioritize and implement projects with the Foundation’s assistance. 



    Focus Areas



    The Foundation extends a helping hand to communities and individuals so they may live with dignity and hope. Take a glimpse at our projects to see the impact your contribution makes on saving lives, educating children and helping families to lift themselves out of poverty.




    Faces of Change

    Read stories of hope and opportunity from women, children and men who have been touched by our work. 


    AKF Stories from the Field