Partnership Walk

Partnership Walk is a public event to raise awareness about global poverty and bridge Americans’ spirit of generosity by reaching out to help people build self-reliant and sustainable communities. Inaugurated in 1995, Partnership Walk has expanded to ten major cities across the U.S., including Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Orlando, San Antonio and San Francisco.
It’s a day of fun for the whole family, with lively entertainment and activities for all ages celebrating a rich diversity of cultures. One of the most inspiring features of Partnership Walk is the Village in Action, where participants can enjoy interactive exhibits spotlighting the Foundation’s practical solutions for alleviating poverty from Afghanistan to Zanzibar.
This year marks the 20th anniversary for Partnership Walk events, which will be held in eight major U.S. cities. Since 1995, PartnershipsInAction activities including the annual Partnership Walk and Golf events have attracted over 440,000 participants and raised over $63 million for poverty alleviation.
Participants help communities in some of the poorest areas of Africa and Asia to create long-term, self-help solutions to lift themselves out of poverty.