Women and their livelihoods are at the center of the community-based work of the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. (AKF USA). Whether it is teaching business skills to entrepreneurs, offering formal education to health workers, or training mothers to better care for the health needs of their families, AKF USA understands the critical role women play in improving conditions within their communities. The Foundation takes a proactive approach to empowering women by supporting professions that are vital to their well-being and progress of their societies, such as nursing, midwifery, teaching and farming.
Each year, the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. highlights this work through our celebration of International Women's Day. Held each year on March 8th, International Women's Day serves as a time to reflect on progress made and to celebrate acts of determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in their communities. Over the past two years, we have focused on the accomplishments of women throughout the the Aga Khan Development Network, sharing their incredible stories:


VIDEO: Investing in Girls


This 4-minute film looks at the value of education for girls in developing countries. With its multiplier effect and promise for advancing earning power and family well-being, girls' education is one of the most important investments society can make. Looking at examples in East Africa, the program shows how the Aga Khan Foundation engages families and communities to invest in girls and reduce poverty.



Project Spotlight: Read more about our work with women and girls

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